Last Saturday (March 31, 2012), we welcomed the newest batch of INKies at the Orientation Seminar held at the UP College of Fine Arts Auditorium.

This year has been record breaking application period as 68 applicants sent over their entries. The org had a tough time deliberating on the works because the talent level was incredibly high. In the end, 30 applicants made the cut. 

During the Seminar, veteran INKies and multi-awarded artists Jomike Tejido and Brian Vallesteros shared their works and the things they’ve learned in their careers. Then PBBY-Alcala Prize Winner Hubert Fucio and Honorable Mentions Domz Agsaway, Jonathan Rañola and Aldy Aguirre discussed their winning entries into the competition.

The Seminar finished off with each of the new INKies presenting their portfolios. Here’s hoping for a fruitful 2012 with the “Newkies”. :)

Here are the newest INKies:

Ang, Audrey

Ang, Leo

Asis, Aaron Paul

Aransanzo, Kay

Bagadion, Meg

Bauza, Jamie

Carbonel, Nice

Cardenas, Belay

Chua, Valerie

Co, Karlene

Dagal, Camz

Espiritu, Iori

Lacsamana, Wiji

Lesaguis, Potti

Mateo, Pao

Micu, Chino

Palmares, Sabrina

Peralta, Kris

Perianes, Jaja

Pineda, Lou

Ranada, Tere

Relova, Gel

Reyna, Ben

Risulmi, Omar

Sto. Domingo, Jason

Sy, Arlene

Tan, Ingrid

Tiu, Georgia

Villamor, Charlene

Yumul, Lance

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Natividad, Pangasinan

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next stop :)

next stop :)

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UP FAIR 2012: success! Thank God :)

UP FAIR 2012: success! Thank God :)

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